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Tax Advisory

Tax Advisory

We use our expertise across the full spectrum of financial services and accounting to optimise your tax structures and ensure you adhere to the latest rules and regulations.

By connecting you to the right experience and know-how, we’ll ensure your business is as tax efficient as possible, while remaining fully in line with the latest HMRC rules and regulations. 

We also make sure you’re aware of the different tax reliefs available to your business, and how to claim for them, so you can grasp every financial opportunity.

Our services

R&D tax relief

The UK Government extends support to companies within the charge to UK Corporation Tax through R&D Tax Credits, fostering innovation and development initiatives. To qualify for R&D Tax Credits, projects must demonstrate an intent to advance science or technology, navigating and resolving uncertainties that competent professionals within their relevant fields may find indeterminate.

Project outcomes, whether tangible or intangible; successful or unsuccessful, can be considered eligible, encompassing claimable costs such as Staff (both employed and contracted), Subcontracted R&D, Software, and Consumables.

A successfully claimed R&D Tax Credit can significantly augment a business cash flow, taking the form of tax relief, a payable credit from HMRC, or additional income, contingent on specific circumstances. For instance, £100,000 in qualifying costs may yield a payable credit of £26,970 from HMRC, in the event of a loss-making company.

Given recent legislative changes, navigating the R&D landscape demands proactive preparation to ensure sustained compliance and efficient resolution of HMRC enquiries.

In our role as your advisers, our R&D claims are reinforced by thorough calculations and comprehensive justification reports that clearly explain the qualifying nature of the R&D being claimed. 

Whilst R&D claims are inherently retrospective, we aim to also take a forward-looking approach with clients by advising on planning for future R&D projects, thereby ensuring compliance with prevailing legislation and facilitating prompt post-period claim submissions. This approach also allows for the real-time collection of all available evidence.

For those interested in exploring the potential of R&D Tax Credits, our expert R&D team is available for discussions regarding possible claims, support with inquiries, or to schedule a discovery call for viability assessments. 

Enterprise investment schemes

Enterprise Investment Schemes can help you to secure external investment, scale up your business, and achieve transformational change, while making the most of tax planning benefits.

Employee share scheme

Attract and retain your best staff by rewarding them with equity participation in the business.

This scheme is ideal for small but entrepreneurial businesses that may be unable to match the salaries paid by larger competitors.

Tax planning for landlords

We offer a range of tax planning solutions for landlords that are cost-effective and fully compliant with the HMRC framework.

Whether you need help mitigating Section 24, Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax, or Stamp Duty, we can give you the support you need to navigate the challenges of property tax.

Reclaiming stamp duty

We can help you to claim a rebate for the Stamp Duty Land Tax you paid. If you’ve purchased a property in the last 4 years and then property required works to make it habitable then you might be eligable and we offer this service on a no-win, no-fee basis so get in touch to learn more!

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