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Defined benefit pensions

Defined benefit pensions

Our personalised retirement service exists to ensure you have everything you need for the years ahead. We focus on your individual circumstances and put you at the centre of the process, building a plan around you and your personal goals.

Our defined benefit (DB) pension service involves reviewing whether or not a pension transfer or conversion is in your best interests, this involves comparing a guaranteed pension income for life against an alternative pension lump sum offered by the pension scheme, in exchange for giving up your right to the guaranteed income. This review can only be done by a Pension Transfer Specialist, and in most cases, giving up a guaranteed income for life will not be in your best interests.

The first stage in our review process is complimentary, which means we can review your pension needs together, at no cost to you, before you decide whether or not to proceed with reviewing your defined benefit pension.

Is now the time to review your DB pension?

Are you above the age of 50?

Are you within 5 years of retiring?

Do have other retirement income sources?

Our Process


This is an educational service which provides you with information relating to the features of both a defined benefit pension and defined contribution pension.

Abridged Advice

This covers the first few stages of the advice process, helping you to judge whether a pension conversion may be of benefit, before choosing to carry out further analysis.

Full Advice

If you choose to progress with full advice, we provide an in-depth analysis of your existing pension scheme and a personalised recommendation report based on your objectives.

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This Service is provided by Acuity Professional Advisers Ltd, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).