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Meet the team: James Nel, Financial Adviser

How would you describe working for Acuity in three words?

That’s a tricky one! I’m going to answer in a different way… so what do a value about Acuity?

I value the support, the independence, the ability to think critically and put forward ideas which are incorporated into future plans. I feel listened to and empowered as well. I’m going over 3 words here!

What do you like best about Acuity?

I like the team I work in; they are supportive, friendly and knowledgeable. I like the working environment and the flexibility. I like that there is a lot of knowledge on the team so I can ask people questions when I need to. I also like being able to train other members of staff and influence the direction of their careers and help them to learn. I also like that I have a nice boss!

And you working from home or from the office, what’s your setup?

I do a bit of both, I come into the office for team days, but I work more at home, and I like the discretion to choose.

What do you like working at home and the office?

At home I like my office space as I have a big screen on the wall and my girlfriend brings me coffees! In the office I like being able to chat to people, to have meetings and share ideas with other people and ask questions. And I like the variety and the coffee in the office is better than my coffee at home.

And what’s your career plan at Acuity?

To get as many clients as I can and to make as much money for everyone as possible! But more seriously, to collaboratively grow the business unit for myself and the team.

Interested in joining our team?

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