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Personalised DB Transfer Advice

Personalised DB Transfer Advice

Acuity Professional specialise in providing IFAs and their clients with a personalised Defined Benefit Pension Transfer Advice service, aimed at putting the client and their specific needs and objectives front and centre during the advice process.

Our team of experts are fully authorised and directly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our advice is delivered to the highest industry standard with clear, simple and jargon-free language.

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Personalised DB Transfer Advice

Unlike the mass-market model, we are a dynamic team of experienced and dedicated pension transfer specialists. You and your clients will receive:

  • One to one contact with a single dedicated PTS, who will regularly update you and your client throughout the process
  • Complimentary Triage service as part of the review, offered via Money Alive
  • Complimentary Abridged Advice process to assess potential suitability
  • Scale and capacity geared to individual ‘underwriting’ of cases to CETV deadlines
  • Adviser portal for automatic case updates and secure information exchange
  • Independent and Pension Transfer Gold Standard accreditation
  • Long standing working relationship with both national IFAs and national networks

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If you need any more information feel free to call us on 020 7280 0512 or email us on

You will receive a fixed referral fee of £1,750 for cases that proceed to full advice and where the CETV is above £250,000.

Client Criteria

Client must be aged 50 or over and within 3 years of retirement

Client must be a UK resident and UK tax payer (or non tax payer)

Client must be a deferred member of the scheme or in the process of retiring where still active

DB scheme must be UK based

Fee Structure

  1. Complimentary Abridged and Triage service
  2. Full advice fee of 2.4% of the transfer value
  3. The minimum full advice fee – £3,600
  4. The maximum full advice fee – £18,000
    • Each additional DB scheme remains subject to a full advice fee of the higher of 2.4% or £2,000

Our process

Contact for more information

If you need any more information feel free to call us on 020 7280 0512 or email us on

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This Service is provided by Acuity Professional Advisers Ltd, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).