Wealth Management

Our Principles and Methodology

We are distinctive because we are interested in the wider aspects of our clients’ lives. Whether we are working with you on your goals, building a strategy to meet your requirements or reviewing progress with you so far, we recognise that financial goals and decisions cannot be determined in a vacuum. We work with you to balance your financial objectives with other priorities in your life.

We challenge you to think differently about your finances, to see them as a means to an end, rather than an end in themselves. The desire to build financial security by maximising returns and minimising risk are taken as givens. We work with you to identify your financial priorities along with the broader goals that you want to achieve with your resources.

Only when these are clear can we make informed financial decisions that contribute to the achievement of these goals. Ultimately, this will give you peace of mind about your finances because your financial decisions are in balance with the other values and priorities in your life, allowing you to focus more of your time, energy and resources on the things that are important to you.

Experience tells us that the decisions you make today have implications for your entire life. Financial planning can help free you from economic uncertainty, or fear, and enable you to steward your resources more efficiently and effectively.

How do we facilitate this?

We start with the end in mind. Once we have an understanding of your goals, we begin work on building your strategy and personal financial plan. This demonstrates how you could move from your current position to the achievement of your goals.

We help you visualise your future from a financial perspective.

The financial planning process will integrate all areas of an individual, or family’s, financial situation. Your plan will be bespoke to you and may cover some of the following areas:

The Benefits of this Approach

Fee Only Advice

We believe that you want, and need, a fair and transparent approach to financial planning. The traditional mainstream model of providing financial advice is inherently biased. This is because the approach is predominately:

Inappropriate and client costly recommendations can be made because of the higher commissions some products pay over others. Products are sold often ahead of a total solution being delivered and a service provided.

We believe our approach to financial planning is distinctive because it gives you:

Working in this way gives you true peace of mind that the advice you receive is entirely independent and has integrity.