Principles and Methodology in providing you with reassurance

We are distinctive because we are passionate about creating commercial value through all of our business services and our Audit service is no exception. Whilst many businesses need an audit by law many of our clients actually choose to have an audit in order to benefit from the often significant insights we can provide through the audit process into the financial & operational status of their business.

Tangible value for you

You will benefit from our practical advice and solutions, focusing on control, efficiency and business improvement recommendations, supporting you in your decision making process and the development of your business.

Typically the commercial upside resulting from implementation of these recommendations can often far outweigh the cost of the audit. Audits can help you improve your system efficiencies, reduce your cost base, keep the bank happy when you need funding support and keep supply lines lean. At the end of it all you will have the peace of mind and re-assurance of knowing that your business is tightly controlled and has accurate results.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

Limited Companies, PLCs, Limited Liability Partnerships and Charities that meet certain criteria such as being above a certain size or of public interest are required by law to have their financial statements audited. There are many other regulatory requirements placed on various business sectors which require a specialist audit or other specialist financial reporting. Our highly experienced Audit teams are committed to providing a robust and independent audit in line with International Standards of Auditing (UK & Ireland), UK GAAP and other legislative requirements as appropriate.

Audit Assurance Services

What you can expect:

Value for money Audit Solutions

Every business is unique and so audit costs can vary significantly from one business to another and from one business sector to another. In our experience very often businesses are paying too much for many of their professional services and especially in the area of Audit where there’s often a “mystique” surrounding this process which can sometimes means you are paying too much for too little!


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