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One dedicated team, united to ensure your commercial success. We combine all the disciplines and expertise you need to get the results you want.

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Your success is our goal and we are addicted to bringing success to our clients. We are a complete and extensive 'round table' team, combining entrepreneurial experience, wide ranging financial talent, strategic foresight, proven wealth strategies, effective legal advice and extensive operational 'know how', passionately focused on your goals and success.

At a transforming point in history you can now have a unique edge with one complete professional team uniting all the expertise and disciplines you need, the creativity of combined experience and the power of professional alignment, all motivated to give you the commercial advantage you need. A new professional services DNA designed just for you.

Our Services

Financial Management

We give you the financial control and systems to grow and create value in your business.

Cash management and gearing for profit is critical to commercial success, yet for many businesses the only benefit they derive from accounting is the submission of accurate reports to Companies House and HMRC.

By providing you with meaningful & timely reporting we add value to your business by giving you financial understanding and control, enabling you to drive your business to its full potential.

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Corporate Structures

Many business owners adopt a limited range of approaches when structuring their organisation, but we want to help you utilise all the corporate structures available to you.

Each option comes with different tax regimes and therefore different tax treatments. When combined the effect can provide financial and commercial windfalls and transform your business’s efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. You will be amazed and your mind will be opened to new opportunities you have not considered.

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Wealth Management

We invest the time to really understand your needs, goals and life plans, both now and in the years ahead.

We will design with you your personal financial plan. You will gain conventional and unconventional insights and strategies which will assist you in achieving your goals.

You will understand through our clear, jargon-free approach how to optimise all your assets in a way that reflects your aspirations and risk profile.



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You can take advantage of an expert and experienced finance team giving you peace of mind and assurance. We can do your bookkeeping, payroll, VAT and tax returns. You can experience management accounting dashboards and 9 month Year End accounts ensuring you make smart and confident decisions.

You can avoid unnecessary HMRC enquiries or investigations. Our reviews ensure you claim all the tax allowances available to you eliminating avoidable and unnecessary tax burdens.


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We join the dots: everything in your business is connected. Not everyone can see these connections, but they are there if you know where to look. As your auditors we recognise and appreciate how your business is connected and can advise you on the best route to get to where you want to be.

Adding us to your team will quickly reveal valuable insights into your business that can be immediately put to work, bringing quantifiable financial results. With Acuityprofessional audit is as much about capitalising on opportunities as it is about mitigating risk.

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Tax Advice

You can access a full range of expert advice and services for all stages of your business and commercial growth. You can fully consider all the options and responses open to you as you face more aggressive and widespread taxation demands.

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Our entire company has been overhauled and restructured to have an efficient corporate structure. The results are great - we are all happy and looking forward to a strong future with our business. I have paid off my mortgage and sleep easy at night knowing my future looks good. Acuityprofessional are a unique bunch who are very good at what they do and I am so glad we undertook this. I would recommend that others consider the same